This site is dedicated to the portable reluctance launchers, a.k.a. “coilguns” or “gauss guns”. These interesting devices use short powerful pulses of magnetic field to accelerate a ferromagnetic (often iron) projectile.

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The site contains detailed descriptions of the coilguns constructed by the author and also some theoretical and practical articles. I assumed a reader to be acquainted with basics of the circuit theory and mathematics. However, I tried to use a simple language to tell my findings and to illustrate them with as many pictures and videos as possible, so, I hope, it will be interesting to any curious guest. 

Basics of the coilgun theory may be found on the sites and forums listed on Links page. I didn’t include these preliminary data here.

I don’t pretend on originality of my mathematical conclusions and constructive decisions, but nevertheless ask to refer to this site when publishing any information from here.

At last, nearly all devices mentioned on this site are extremely dangerous when misused. This is both because the coilguns use high voltage and also accelerate objects to high velocities. It is not the author’s responsibility if any damage or injure happens because of careless handling of the constructions given on the site.


Sincerely yours, Eugen.