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New article called "Assessment of maximum speed reached in accumulator-driven coilgun" added, complementing a set of papers dedicated to theoretical exploration of the limits inherent to different coilgun constructions. An equation for output projectile velocity in an accumulator-driven reluctance launcher is derived. Influence of an internal accu resistance is investigated. Comparison with experimental results is given.

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Assessment of power (current) dependence on output velocity of a projectile added to Simple equations for coilgun page.

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New article called   "Assessment of maximum speed reached in a SCR-commutated portable reluctance launcher "   added to Theoretical section. Limitations for the speed achievable in a reluctance coilgun commutated by thyristors are investigated based on geometrical properties of the accelerating coils. Thermal, and  also capacitor weight and ESR issues are taken into account.

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EM-4 project reanimated. A simple gravitational feeding system is built and tested. More details are on the project's page.

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New "Efficiency of resistor-assisted chaging of capacitor from a constant voltage source" page added to Theoretical sectionA process of capacitor charging through a resistor from a constant voltage source is investigated. A strong dependence on relation of initial voltage on the cap to the source voltage is demonstrated.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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New Assessment of maximum speed achievable in a multistage coilgun with identical coils page added to Theorectical section. Limitations for velocity of projectile are investigated for a multistage reluctance accelerator having identical coils. Geometrical parameters of winding are used as basis, assuming an overdamped system fed from large common capacitance.

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New "Assessment of damping resistor" section added to simple equations for coilgun page.

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New theoretical paper Efficiency assessment for a half-bridge coilgun in real operating conditions added with conjugated FEMM calculation page.  In continuation of the previous study, the efficiency of a halfbridge -based coilgun accelerator with high initial velocity of a projectile is explored . For comparison, the p ... Read more »

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New EM-5 "school" coilgun project finished. Detailed photos can be found here.

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