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A page added with FEMM calculation devoted to a verification of a simple analytic equation for an attractive force between a coil and a ferromagnet, previously established in this publication.

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The series of publications devoted to the properties of electromagnetic accelerator coils is continued. An article added about the spatial distribution of the field created by a current-carrying winding. Based on analytical calculations and modeling in FEMM, it is shown that the values of the field strength vary slightly along the radial section of the projectile and can be assumed to be the value of the field on the axis of the solenoid.

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New page devoted to description of fields and forces generated in windings of an electromagnetic launcher added to Theoretical section.  Short notes on different themes will be published here. First of them is called Force between a ferromagnetic and a coil.

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New note about assessment of a caliber of a projectile added to Simple equations section.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Lately, the site has been some inclinating to a "pure theory" side. To correct this situation, new large Research of heat transfer dynamics in the winings of electromagnetic launchers is added to Experimental section. An experiment was conducted dedicated to invesigation of heating and cooling of coils of the various configurations. Its results are discussed in application to permissible power and fire rate of the reluctance launchers.

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New article called "Assessment of maximum speed reached in accumulator-driven coilgun" added, complementing a set of papers dedicated to theoretical exploration of the limits inherent to different coilgun constructions. An equation for output projectile velocity in an accumulator-driven reluctance launcher is derived. Influence of an internal accu resistance is investigated. Comparison with experimental results is given.

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Assessment of power (current) dependence on output velocity of a projectile added to Simple equations for coilgun page.

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New article called   "Assessment of maximum speed reached in a SCR-commutated portable reluctance launcher "   added to Theoretical section. Limitations for the speed achievable in a reluctance coilgun commutated by thyristors are investigated based on geometrical properties of the accelerating coils. Thermal, and  also capacitor weight and ESR issues are taken into account.

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EM-4 project reanimated. A simple gravitational feeding system is built and tested. More details are on the project's page.

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