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Old site containg information on theory of coilguns. Construction of 3-stage coilgun is described. No refresh for a long time.

Coilguns | Transitions: 153 | Added by: James Paul | Date: 14.11.2015

Another old and non-refreshed resource. A lot of real coilgun constructions with good velocity parameters. 

Coilguns | Transitions: 188 | Added by: Unknown | Date: 14.11.2015

Basic resource of Russian Internet, completely devoted to Coilgun. All features of theory and practice of gauss-building are covered, including juridical ones. The main thing is "arsenal", which incorporates all known coilguns from the Web.
The site is rarely updated lately.
Coilguns | Transitions: 235 | Added by: Evgeny Vasiljev | Date: 14.11.2015