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New theoretical paper Efficiency assessment for a half-bridge coilgun in real operating conditions added with conjugated FEMM calculation page.  In continuation of the previous study, the efficiency of a halfbridge -based coilgun accelerator with high initial velocity of a projectile is explored . For comparison, the p ... Read more »

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New EM-5 "school" coilgun project finished. Detailed photos can be found here.

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Assessment of maximum efficiency of a coilgun in a range of energy added to FEMM calculations section. Single stage system is modelled in variety of parameters including peak switch voltage for the first time. The maximum on efficiency vs energy dependence is observed.

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Merry Christmas and happy New 2018 Year!

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A simple method of assessment of moment of maximum current for overdamped circuits is added to Simple equations for coilgun section.

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New Simple equations for coilgun section was added. It will collect relations which allow fast assessment of desired parameters of coilgun. 

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A box for vertical gravitational feed of EM-4 coilgun has been assembled. 

The projectile's heads are milled, too. Their diameter is 5,5 mm, the rear parts are thinner and have 0,15 mm cuts to glue tubular stabilizers later.


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