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New article called   "Assessment of maximum speed reached in a SCR-commutated portable reluctance launcher "   added to Theoretical section. Limitations for the speed achievable in a reluctance coilgun commutated by thyristors are investigated based on geometrical properties of the accelerating coils. Thermal, and  also capacitor weight and ESR issues are taken into account.

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EM-4 project reanimated. A simple gravitational feeding system is built and tested. More details are on the project's page.

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New "Efficiency of resistor-assisted chaging of capacitor from a constant voltage source" page added to Theoretical sectionA process of capacitor charging through a resistor from a constant voltage source is investigated. A strong dependence on relation of initial voltage on the cap to the source voltage is demonstrated.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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New Assessment of maximum speed achievable in a multistage coilgun with identical coils page added to Theorectical section. Limitations for velocity of projectile are investigated for a multistage reluctance accelerator having identical coils. Geometrical parameters of winding are used as basis, assuming an overdamped system fed from large common capacitance.

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New "Assessment of damping resistor" section added to simple equations for coilgun page.

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New theoretical paper Efficiency assessment for a half-bridge coilgun in real operating conditions added with conjugated FEMM calculation page.  In continuation of the previous study, the efficiency of a halfbridge -based coilgun accelerator with high initial velocity of a projectile is explored . For comparison, the p ... Read more »

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New EM-5 "school" coilgun project finished. Detailed photos can be found here.

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Assessment of maximum efficiency of a coilgun in a range of energy added to FEMM calculations section. Single stage system is modelled in variety of parameters including peak switch voltage for the first time. The maximum on efficiency vs energy dependence is observed.

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Merry Christmas and happy New 2018 Year!

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