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Properties of coils for the reluctance launchers

I wrote in an annotation to the site that I would try to avoid basic information sections here like terms or a glossary on electronics (which are used by some authors to “pump up” the volume of their resources and make more “scientific” outlook). Instead, I published one big paper where all necessary basics and main formulae for RLC-circuits of the coilguns were given in brief. On this basis, all other material was written which allowed to hold a common style of narration. But now it is a time to make a separate page devoted to a basic component of each electromagnetic accelerator of the coil type – the coil itself.

Separate publications relating different questions like field on a coil's axis, driving force ets will be placed further.


1. Force between a ferromagnetic and a coil.

2. Field distribution of a coil.

3. Optimal coil form for the gauss gun.

4. Few words about a projectile.

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